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Anti-Gun Group Posts ‘Speeding Bullet’ Pic With One Glaring Error

Last week, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new $50 million campaign called “Everytown for Gun Safety” that will push a strong anti-Second Amendment message in an attempt to out-gun the NRA. However, with the organization’s latest move, it looks like they might be shooting blanks instead.

Today, the Bloomberg-financed group posted the following photo to its Facebook page. It reads, “Who is faster than a speeding bullet? Nobody.” Let’s see if you can pick out what is wrong with this picture:

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See it yet? Notice anything odd about the round coming out of the barrel of the gun?

If you have ever shot a firearm before, then you know that a round’s shell casing does not travel with the bullet out of the barrel of the gun. The casing gets tossed out of the ejection port once the round has been discharged, while the bullet—the projectile— heads to its target.

Obviously, the person who produced this image knows absolutely nothing about guns. Which begs the question: why are people who know nothing about guns trying to tell us what to do with them?

More importantly, why are we listening?

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Michael Bloomberg has embarrassed himself over his complete lack of gun knowledge. Check out this clip from an ABC News interview in which Mayor Bloomberg demonstrates that he does not know the difference between “fully automatic” and “semi-automatic” weapons:

What an embarrassment.

Fortunately, no one is taking Michael Bloomberg or the epic failure that is the image above seriously. In fact, many people are posting their hilarious feedback on Twitter.

Check out these awesome tweets sent in response to Everytown for Gun Safety’s asinine picture of a “speeding bullet” firing with its shell casing intact:











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