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What the Ebola Sign Language Interpreter Was REALLY Saying

On Friday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference to give updates on the first Ebola case to hit the Big Apple. However, while the Mayor was delivering his remarks, a man to his right was quietly upstaging him.

The man was the event’s sign language interpreter, who apparently really got into his job, so much so that his wild and frenetic hand gestures completely stole the show. In fact, video of the signer’s antics ended up going viral, much like Ebola has done.

You can watch footage of the press conference and its breakout star here.

What people are not really focusing on is what the sign language interpreter was actually signing that day. Was he truly translating de Blasio’s message word for word, or was he signing something completely different?

To help solve this mystery, we assembled a crack team of signers to decode what the interpreter actually communicated, and we present it for you now.

Here is what the Ebola sign language interpreter was really saying at that press conference on Friday:


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  • Joshua McKenzie

    He’s actually deaf. What’s known as a Certified Deaf Interpreter. So making fun of handicap people in their capacity of employment is considered bad form and many times discriminatory.

    • Evan

      Ummmmm….if he’s deaf as you claim, he clearly isn’t doing his job because his job would be to translate. So even if people are putting words in his mouth/hands he is NOT capable of his job if he is deaf. This guy knows sign language. I don’t so can’t back up at all what he is saying. But YOU seem like a fool defending a deaf person translations the spoken word.

      • Kenny

        You’re an idiot…end of story…he’s a CDI (certified deaf interpreter) an actual hearing interpreter was relaying him the info. Dumbass

  • Wolffe Mann

    It is satire folks. Don’t believe me? Post this on YOUR Facebook feed as I did, looking for anyone who could read sign. He is quoting him exactly. Someone just added subtitles. (funny ones actually)