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15 Hilarious Responses to Obama Reaching Over Glass at Chipotle

The last thing that Obama needs right now is another scandal. But these days, the guy seems to be collecting them rather than avoiding them.

You can call this one “SneezeGuardgate.”

On Monday afternoon, just before addressing the White House Summit on Working Families, President Obama stopped by a local Chipotle restaurant in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. for a burrito bowl and a conversation with concerned moms and dads.

While standing in line and discussing burrito-customization options with several Chipotle employees, Obama committed a major breach of protocol.

As POTUS stood at the counter, he indicated which of the various food items appealed to his Presidential palate. However, Obama found it necessary to reach clear over the sneeze guard glass and point directly at the ingredients, violating several health codes and flouting societal norms in the process.

White House photographer Pete Souza captured the incident here:

As expected, people on Twitter did not take too kindly to President Obama infringing on the sacred zone of the sneeze guard. In fact, many users saw parallels between this action and the man’s attitude toward other established doctrine like the Constitution. One gets the feeling that there is not much that Obama finds sacred.

Here are 15 of the best tweets mocking the President for clearly overstepping the boundaries of hygiene and etiquette at a DC-area Chipotle earlier this week:


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  • Jimmy Dick

    Not a single one of those was funny…not one.

    • http://www.socialistmop.com/ SocialistMop

      You’re right. They were *hilarious.* ;)

      • Marshall Culpepper

        They were, weren’t they?

    • Victorian Lace

      Could be why your last name is Dick… Whoops, did I say that!

      • David B. Lytle

        He’s just like his father and his father’s father. They were ALL Dicks.

        • http://www.socialistmop.com/ SocialistMop

          Come on, guys. Go easy on him. He can’t help that he was born a Dick.

  • Joel A. Edge

    You can’t teach ‘class’.

  • Sharon ODonnell

    He’s so use to overreaching and sullying other people’s portion . Keep you dirty grubby fingers to yourself .gross .

  • Ron Vaughan

    Well – obama couldn’t see any words ( thinking it was his teleprompter ) so he reached over so as to hopefully pull a word out of the beans –

    • http://www.socialistmop.com/ SocialistMop

      And if he didn’t find a word there, he was going to pull one out of another place, which is what he usually does.