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Fake News Remix – Donald Trump vs. The Mainstream Media

When it comes to dealing with the mainstream media, President Donald Trump pulls no punches.

During his first press conference as President-elect on January 11, 2017, following his historic election to the U.S. presidency in November 2016, Mr. Trump told the press in no uncertain terms:

“You are fake news.”President Donald Trump "you are fake news" first press conference January 11, 2017

And for good reason, too. Mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC have all been caught red-handed spreading fake news stories aimed at undermining Trump’s administration.

Here are just a few examples:

When President Trump called the mainstream media “fake news,” it was music to the ears, figuratively speaking, for many of his supporters. Now, with the launch of our latest parody song, it can be music to the ears literally as well.

Introducing “Fake News Remix – Donald Trump vs. The Mainstream Media,” a satirical song/video highlighting President Trump’s dressing down of the dishonest press, with vocals performed by Donald Trump himself, and guest starring prominent members of the fake news glitterati like Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow.

Watch our new video mocking the whole fake news paradigm. We hope you enjoy it!

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