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“Let Me Be Clear” – Funny Song About President Obama’s Lies

Since the 2008 election of Barack Obama to the nation’s highest office, we have seen him stretch the truth on a number of occasions. For example, he promised countless times that he’d cut the debt, only to nearly double it during his two terms in office.

Additionally, he said that he would not raise taxes one dime on those making less than $250,000 per year. He then foisted a giant medical tax onto the backs of the American people when he signed Obamacare into law.

Of course, who could ever forget the classic Pants on Fire line, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?”

One thing we’ve noticed about President Obama is that he often gives you a cue as to when he’s about to utter a falsehood. A common tell of his is that when he says the phrase, “Let me be clear,” it is usually followed by a carefully-worded, though 100% truth-deprived, lie.

We’ve taken some of the Commander-in-Chief’s most legendary whoppers and set them to music, with POTUS performing the vocals.

We bring you the original song “Let Me Be Clear,” a medley of the President’s most egregious misstatements, sung by none other than Barack Obama himself:


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  • John Rohnson

    Can you paste in the lyrics to this song? I freakin’ love the melody and I listen to it all the time while I document Obama’s greatest insult to the American people: The Smith-Mundt “Modernization” Act of 2012: https://voat.co/v/RepealSmithMundt/2240641
    The lyrics to this song act as a potent salve to ease the pain of finding the US Government was bought and paid for a looooooooong time ago and today DC’s is run by psychopathic narcissists.

    • John Rohnson

      I love this song so much I manually wrote down the lyrics. ;-)

      Listen to my voice.
      The sound is soft and sweet
      like a toxic melody.
      You don’t have a choice,
      it will sweep you off your feet,
      then fail you miserably.
      Don’t be alarmed.
      See, I’ve got everybody fooled,
      by the promisies I’ve made.
      Because when I speak,
      not a single word I say is true.

      For example, when I say let me be clear,
      I’m about to lie to you.
      I’ll end all wars,
      I think that I’ll start a few.
      I’ll cut the debt,
      I’ll spend us into oblivion.
      That youtube vid,
      we knew it was terrorism.

      Look into my eyes,
      tell me do they seem strange?
      They will put you fast asleep.
      You’ll be hypnotized,
      by promises of hope and change,
      that I never plan to keep.
      Don’t be so blind,
      ‘cuz you’ve been conned by my untruths,
      since inaugriation day.
      You’ll know I’m lying,
      when you see my lips begin to move.

      For exmample when I say,
      let me clear,
      I’m about to lie to you.
      Your email’s safe,
      The nsa’s spying on you.
      The economy’s fine,
      it’s about to hit the fan.
      If you like your plan,
      you don’t get to keep your plan.
      The border’s secure,
      It’s completely open.
      I’ll follow all laws,
      they’re meant to be broken.
      I don’t want your guns,
      I can’t wait to take them.
      I’m a Christian.

      The globe’s warming up,
      there’s a cooling-down trend.

      I’ll work with congress,
      I’ll go right around them.
      Your taxes won’t rise,
      I’ll raise them to the ceiling.

      That hope and change,
      ain’t change you can believe in.