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NSA Agent Caught Snooping on Video

NSA Agent Caught Snooping spying wiretapping taping recording on Video by comedian Tom Mabe prank in Louisville Kentucky Alex Jones Infowars prisonplanet interview June 2013

Comedian Tom Mabe posted a brilliant satire piece on his YouTube channel entitled “NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video.” In it, he poses as an NSA field agent walking around downtown Louisville, Kentucky, approaching people …

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Tim Duncan Cures Manu Ginobili’s Baldness

San Antonio Spurs power forward center Tim Duncan Cures Shooting Guard Manu Ginobili's Baldness bald spot hair Game 5 2013 NBA Finals Miama Heat

In Game 5 of the 2013 NBA Finals, something miraculous happened. No, Kawhi Leonard didn’t make a free throw. No, coach Popovich didn’t get long-winded during a courtside interview. At the top of the 4th …

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