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President Obama Golf Pose Leg Lift Martha's Vineyard Original
Photo Credit: The Boston Herald (Nancy Lane)

President Obama’s Goofy Golf Pose: What Was He Thinking? (Photoshop)

On Monday afternoon, while on vacation with the First Family in Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama finally had the chance to do something that he never gets to do: play a round of golf.

However, on the very first hole, the President was already having trouble with his short game. For his inaugural putt, Obama sent the ball sailing toward the cup, but his shot was not quite on target. What POTUS did next will likely baffle historians for generations.

With the ball still in motion, the President awkwardly lifted his leg into the air, as though he were attempting to use some strange influence to remotely force the ball into the hole. It was the same technique that he used to jam Obamacare through Congress.

While his leg was suspended in mid-air, a press photographer snapped the following unfortunate photo:


President Obama Golf Pose Leg Lift Martha's Vineyard Original


Well, unfortunate for him. Honestly, the photo is a great one and will probably define his legacy. However, other people were not so impressed:



The main question that everyone seems to be asking is: “Mr. President, what were you thinking?”

Well, we think we know. Based on our extensive research, we understand that the President is into dreams. Hell, his first book was all about dreams, so it is obvious that this subject is important to him.

At the golf course on Monday, we believe that the President was having a particularly vivid daytime dreaming episode, wherein he was letting himself do the things that he has always wanted to do. We even know what some of those things were, and we have laid them out for you below.

At the exact moment that his leg began to rise, we conclude that President Obama was lost in thought daydreaming about one of the following liberating and exhilarating activities:


President Obama Golf Photoshop Leg Lift Rockettes Chorus Line Martha's Vineyard

Doing leg kicks with the Rockettes


President Obama Golf Photoshop Leg Lift Captain Morgan Got a little Captain in you? Martha's Vineyard

Hanging out with Captain Morgan and friends


President Obama Golf Photoshop Leg Lift Steve Urkel Family Matters Martha's Vineyard

Starring in a new “Family Matters” TV movie as grown-up Steve Urkel


President Obama Golf Photoshop Leg Lift Ministry of Silly Walks Monty Python Martha's Vineyard

Sauntering around the Ministry of Silly Walks, an important government agency


Obama Golf Photoshop President Marching with Chinese Army China Martha's Vineyard

Marching with his favorite military force, the Chinese Red Army


Obama Golf Photoshop Leg Lift Karate Kid Crane Kick Beach Daniel Daniel-san Ralph Macchio Martha's Vineyard

Doing crane kicks with Daniel-san


Obama Golf Photoshop President Stair Climbing Exercises Martha's Vineyard

Doing stair climbing exercises as part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, not because he has to do them but because he wants to do them


Obama Golf Photoshop President 100m FInal Martha's Vineyard

Racing the 100m final with Usain Bolt


Obama Golf Photoshop President Dragon Ball Z Martha's Vineyard

Fighting with the Ginyu Force in Dragon Ball Z


Obama Golf Photoshop President Doing Yoga exercises stretches with a Man Martha's Vineyard

Doing yoga exercises with another man


Obama Golf Photoshop President Islamic Prayer Martha's Vineyard

Participating in Islamic prayer, but doing it incorrectly because he is not and never has been a Muslim


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