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Al Sharpton Obsessed with Race, Mentioned it 314 Times in 2013

It’s no news flash that Al Sharpton is obsessed with race. But what is a shock is just how infatuated he is with the topic.

In a video compilation released by the Washington Free Beacon, it has been shown that in 2013, the good reverend used the words “race,” “racial,” “racist,” “racially,” and “racism” a total of 314 times on his MSNBC show PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton.

Rev. Al Sharpton PoliticsNation MSNBCNow, I’m no math wizard, but considering that Sharpton taped 114 episodes last year, this means that he brought up race approximately 2.75 times per show.

With the wide variety of topics that there are to cover in this world, the cable news host somehow found a way to work in race nearly 3 times per episode.

Fixate much?

I may be a little out of bounds here, but it sounds like Al’s show is a bit unbalanced.

Now, Rev. Sharpton is a big government guy, and if he were to be true to his big government principles, he would be okay with someone like the FCC coming in under the auspices of the Fairness Doctrine and completely regulating his show.

Under the Fairness Doctrine, Al would have to devote equal airtime to his beloved topic of race, and balance that out with other topics like universal health care, gun control, amnesty, and the redistribution of wealth.

Actually, that sounds like his show now. Wow, no wonder no one watches it.

Here is the Washington Free Beacon’s video compilation showing Al Sharpton mentioning race 314 times in 2013. Warning – it is slightly repetitive:


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