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Patrick Stewart Mocks Pic of David Cameron on Phone with Obama

British Prime Minister David Cameron wanted to let the world know that he was hard at work doing stuff, so yesterday he tweeted out a picture of himself chatting on the phone with President Obama, “talking tough” on Russia:

Comedian Rob Delaney seized on the opportunity and tweeted out a photo of himself “joining the call,” with a tube of Crest toothpaste held up to his ear:

Next, veteran actor Patrick Stewart joined the fray and “patched himself in” with a bottle of Wet Ones:

After that, it was an Internet free-for-all, as everyone dogpiled on the Prime Minister and openly mocked his asinine picture. It was a good day on Twitter, unless you were David Cameron:












David Cameron responded to the shellacking by posting another seemingly innocent tweet:

Is he asking for another round?! ;)

(H/T: Twitchy)


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