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This Chris Matthews Blooper Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Chris Matthews MSNBC host Hardball Thrill Up My Leg President Obama Hope and Change poster Shepard Fairey red and blueIt’s no secret that Chris Matthews is an odd duck.

From the thrill going up his leg brought on by Obama’s speech on election night in 2008, to the hour or so in 2010 during which he forgot that the President was black, MSNBC’s Matthews has always been a tad eccentric.

But none of his previous exploits hold a candle to this latest episode.

On tonight’s edition of MSNBC’s Why Hasn’t This Been Canceled Yet?, Chris Matthews showed signs that it’s probably time to retire from broadcasting.

In the middle of an on-air exchange with NBC News investigative journalist Michael Isikoff and Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza regarding the New Jersey “Bridgegate” scandal, Matthews mistakenly called Cillizza “Chris Christie,” and then apparently signaled to producers that he wished to “redo” his lines after realizing his error.

The only problem is that he was in the middle of a live broadcast.

What resulted was the most awkward 20 seconds in television history, as Chris Matthews waited for producers to queue his “do-over,” while producers tried to figure out what in the hell Matthews was doing.

What Matthews was doing was staring blankly into the camera, causing an excruciatingly long stretch of dead air to be broadcast to tens of households across the country.

Ultimately, it ended up being the most riveting 20 seconds of Chris Matthews’ career, so riveting that MSNBC immediately ordered a new 1-hour show of dead air to follow Ronan Farrow Daily.

No word yet on who will host MSNBC’s new program, but Alec Baldwin’s and Martin Bashir’s names were rumored to have come up.

Check out the painfully epic Chris Matthews blooper here:


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