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Twitter Theorizes What the #KochBrothersAreAlsoToBlameFor

According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), the Koch brothers are to blame for everything.

The Nevada Congressman’s obsession with the billionaire siblings has reached new heights. Reid has launched entire tirades from the Senate floor against the libertarian-minded brothers, demonizing them for bankrolling their Republican friends who happen to be in key Senate races.

Truthfully, the Koch brothers are doing nothing different from the wealthy donors who funded Reid’s campaigns. However, to hear Harry Reid tell it, David and Charles Koch are puppy murderers who beat children and rape Teletubbies.

This ridiculous witch-hunt against the brothers Koch spawned Twitter users to create a new hashtag and use it to theorize what else the Koch brothers might be to blame for:


The following are the best tweets of the day from this humorous hashtag:



















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