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In Tonight Show Sketch, Obama and Putin Go On Dr. Phil To Work Things Out

On Thursday’s broadcast of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and longtime friend and comedian Dion Flynn once again turned in hilarious performances as Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama in a new installment of the show’s popular recurring sketch mocking the two world leaders.

In the latest skit, Obama and Putin go on the Dr. Phil show to work on their “troubled relationship” and to confront the issues estranging the two men. The real Dr. Phil McGraw guest stars in the sketch and mediates the counseling session.

For example, one of the problems plaguing Obama and Putin is a mismatch in communication styles. President Obama feels the need to text Putin 20 times a day, whereas the Russian President says that he is being smothered by his American counterpart.

Obama then claims that Putin is putting up walls, and that despite all of his efforts, he just can’t get through. Putin responds in his thick, Russian accent, “You mean like Obamacare website?”

Dr. Phil intervenes and engages in regression therapy to send the two Presidents back to boyhood, prompting “little Barry” and “little Vladdy Poot-Poot” to bond over an impromptu rendition of the Toys “R” Us theme song. It’s a touching moment.

Check out the hilarious sketch here:

(H/T: TheBlaze)

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