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CIA Sends Its First Tweet, Twitter Responds With Snark and Sarcasm

In 2011, the Central Intelligence Agency officially entered into the world of social media when it quietly opened an account on the popular photo-sharing site Flickr. Then, in 2013, the spy agency expanded its influence into the social networking sphere by establishing an identity on video-streaming juggernaut YouTube.

This month, the CIA boldly extended its reach into the social media space by launching presences on both Twitter and Facebook.

The agency made quite a splash on Twitter in particular on Friday when it sent out its very first tweet:

This tweet immediately garnered both attention and praise from Twitter users around the world, who expressed surprise that such a humorous comment could come from such a serious organization.

Naturally, Twitter users responded to the CIA’s first tweet with a comparable level of humor, snark and sarcasm. Below are some of the funniest and snarkiest comments from across the Twitterverse:

The CIA sent out a subsequent tweet later in the day. Wikileaks by far had the best response:


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