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Obama’s ‘Equal Pay’ Tweet Gets Year of the Moon Landing Wrong

Can this guy do anything right?

Today, Organizing For Action, the group responsible for managing President Obama’s Twitter account, sent out the following asinine tweet:

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the first manned mission to the moon took place in 1969, not 1963.

But what do you expect from a man who wants to change our history and our traditions?

What’s so frustrating about this tweet is not that it quotes the wrong year for the first moon landing.

In fact, Organizing For Action is likely referencing the year in which the Equal Pay Act was signed into law, which was 1963. However, OFA has committed such an epic marketing fail by using an iconic photo taken in a completely different year that they might as well have gotten the moon landing year wrong.

What’s so frustrating about this tweet is that President Obama is quoted as saying, “Women still don’t have equal pay.” Yet, he knows full well that women working in his own administration earn 11.8% less on average than men do.

In other words, President Obama is plagued by the same income inequality gap that he claims to be fighting.

Here is how President Obama’s tweet ought to read:

President Obama Equal Pay tweet Twitter tweets tweeting tweeted "It's not 1963 anymore" #TimeForProgress "It's been 51 years since the Equal Pay Act was passed, but women still make 11.8% less than men in President Obama's administration" FIFY parody political satire satirical mock mocks mocked mockery mocking joke funny humor humorous hilarious hysterical witty politics Don Draper Mad Med male chauvinists chauvinist chauvinism chauvinistic hypocrite hypocrites hypocritical cigarette lighter office women's rights income inequality gap salary Socialist Mop socialistmop logo White House Organization For Action OFA @barackobama
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#TimeForProgress indeed, Mr. President.

(H/T: Daily Caller)


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