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You Won’t Believe How Epic This Hillary Clinton Impersonation Is

Hillary Clinton is known for many things: for Hillarycare, for conjuring up a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” and for… Well, I could mention a third, but what difference does it make.

One thing that Hillary Clinton is also known for is her voice: that signature, dulcet sound that rattles skulls hours after she leaves a room.

Comedienne Rosemary Watson, a talented impressionist, voice-over actor, and singer, has done a complete send-up of the recent Diane Sawyer interview with Hillary Clinton in a parody video released by the entertainer on YouTube.

In the sketch, Watson impersonates both Sawyer and Clinton, with the camera cutting between the two personas. Watson’s Diane Sawyer is decent, but her impression of Hillary Clinton is downright scary. She has the voice down.

Watson covers a lot of ground in the faux interview: she highlights the former First Lady’s new book Hard Choices, touches on the concussion that Clinton sustained in December 2012 (from which she suffers no long-term effects), and talks about Hillary and Bill being “dead broke” upon leaving the White House.

All in all, it’s great satire and features amazing voice work by this talented actress. Check out comedienne Rosemary Watson’s awesome Hillary Clinton impersonation here:


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