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Conan O’Brien Reveals Bill Clinton’s Expensive Speech Add-Ons

As it has been widely reported, former President Bill Clinton has amassed a staggering $100 million war chest obtained primarily through speaking fees since he left the White House in 2001 (i.e. when he and Hillary were left “dead broke“).

You may ask, “How does one earn $100 million giving speeches?” Well, Conan O’Brien and team from the Conan show on TBS looked into the matter and discovered just how Slick Willy has pulled off this amazing feat.

What Conan found out is that Bill Clinton secretly negotiates into every speaking engagement special speech “add-ons,” little behavioral flourishes thrown into an address or a lecture to enhance the overall experience for audience members.

And each time “The Man from Hope” delivers one of these “add-ons” during a speech, the cash register goes “ka-ching.”

Watch Conan O’Brien’s comedy video “Bill Clinton’s Expensive Speech Add-Ons” here:

(H/T: NewsBusters)


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