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‘Harder Choices Lead to Ashley Madison’ Billboard Features Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will probably take any free publicity that she can get to promote her new book Hard Choices. However, something tells me that this is not the press that she was looking for.

AshleyMadison.com, a dating website devoted to helping people in relationships cheat on their significant others, put up several billboards in the Chicago area this week which prominently feature the former First Lady.

The signs show Mrs. Clinton smiling with a finger raised to her lips as though she is keeping a closely guarded secret, and include a playful tagline that riffs on the title of her book.

The billboards read:

“Harder Choices… Lead to Ashley Madison.com”

As local affiliate Fox 32 News reports, the ads are snarling traffic on already-busy Chicago-area thoroughfares. They are also generating all kinds of controversy.

Sadly, the “Harder Choices” billboards do not seem to be helping Hillary Clinton’s book sales much. But then again, no amount of PR, good or bad, can save the Titanic of autobiographies.

Here is Fox 32 News’ report:

FOX 32 News Chicago


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