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The Rebuttal (w/ Remy) to Kristen Bell’s ‘Mary Poppins’ Video About Minimum Wage

Will Ferrell’s humor website FunnyOrDie released a video on Wednesday called “Mary Poppins Quits” featuring actress Kristen Bell. In the comedy piece, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star assumes the role of Disney’s beloved English nanny and sings a song about how desperately the minimum wage needs to be increased.

The song is a parody of Mary Poppins‘ “A Spoonful of Sugar” called “A Three Dollar Increase” and musically strikes all the right chords thanks to Bell’s excellent performance, but the video itself is devoid of any real economic sense.

Check out the sketch here:

In response to the Kristen Bell bit, Reason.com‘s prolific comedian Remy Munasifi has released his own video called “The Rebuttal,” and it pretty much destroys the actress’s argument in one fell swoop. Or in this case, sweep.

Here is Remy’s witty video retort in all its awesomeness:

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