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Halloween Display Shows Obama’s Decapitated Head on a Spike

Idaho resident Richard Piersol has made quite a splash with his Halloween display this season.

As with previous Halloweens, Piersol opted to participate in this year’s All Hallows’ Eve festivities by decorating his front yard with all manner of spooky characters, including a mock-up of the Grim Reaper riding an ATV.

However, this time, the Canyon County native decided to incorporate a little political discourse into his display and placed a mask of Barack Obama on a stick, making it look as though the President’s decapitated head was resting on a spike.

It didn’t take long for neighbors to notice and for a news crew to rush onto the scene.

No word yet on when the Rev. Jesse Jackson will be parachuting into the area to help the community heal, but I’m sure it’ll be soon.

Check out the video from KBOI-TV here:


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