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James O’Keefe Busts Mark Udall Backers Advocating Voter Fraud

James O’Keefe with Project Veritas has released a bombshell exposé revealing rampant voter fraud in the Rocky Mountain State.

O’Keefe, who has shocked the nation over the last two months with his undercover videos showing how unprotected our borders are, has turned his focus to Colorado, where Democratic Senator Mark Udall is busying trying to get out the vote for his reelection campaign.

Fortunately for Udall, he has received some help. In fact, a number of organizations are canvassing Colorado heavily for Udall, and it is these groups that James O’Keefe recently visited, with trademark hidden camera in tow.

O’Keefe and team first infiltrated a group called Work for Progress, where they were able to get one of its directors, a young woman named Meredith Hicks, to agree on camera that mail-in ballots can and should be exploited to tip the voter rolls in favor of Senator Udall.

Similarly, Project Veritas interviewed a paid staff member at Greenpeace who openly condoned the same shady election tactics as those endorsed by Work for Progress.

O’Keefe’s last stop was at a campaign event for State Rep. Joe Salazar, whose representatives freely encouraged out-of-state residents to vote illegally in Colorado’s election and corrupt the system by voting twice.

It’s all pretty unsettling. Check out the stunning voter fraud exposé released by James O’Keefe and team at Project Veritas:


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