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Liberal Twitter Hashtag #YesWeDid Hijacked By Patriots

Yesterday, Progressive nonprofit group UniteBlue organized a “Twitter bomb” and asked its liberal minions to tweet using the hashtag #YesWeDid, an obvious play on President Obama’s hollow campaign slogan “Yes We Can.” The idea was for leftists across the country to come together, sing Kumbaya, and tweet about Obama’s achievements:

The Twitter tomfoolery started at 8pm EDT as scheduled:

It was not long before #YesWeDid began to trend nationwide. That’s when things got interesting.

You see, what usually happens when a liberal hashtag like #YesWeDid gains traction is conservatives, libertarians, and patriots get wind of the leftist B.S. swirling around and take action.

And that’s exactly what they did. Instead of Progressives being able to fill the Twittersphere uncontested with love tweets kissing Obama’s hind end, they were met by conservatives who tweeted about the President and his administration’s lengthy list of scandals, lies, misdeeds, and broken promises.

Here is a sampling of some of the best tweets from patriots and liberty lovers alike who hijacked the Left’s hashtag #YesWeDid and commandeered their Twitter bomb:


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