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How's He Doing? SNL Sketch Host Chris Rock Kenan Thompson Mocks Black Voters' Blind Loyalty to President Obama Saturday Night Live African-Americans faith

‘How’s He Doing?’ SNL Mocks Black Voters’ Blind Loyalty to Obama

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by comedian and ex-SNL alum Chris Rock, took a few potshots at African-American voters.

In a sketch called “How’s He Doing?” SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, playing the host of a fictitious roundtable-style TV show, explored an important question on the minds of black Americans across the nation: just how is Barack Obama doing as President?

In the opening portion of the sketch, Thompson’s character, who was joined by four distinguished African-American panelists (played by cast members Jay Pharaoh, Sasheer Zamata, Leslie Jones, and host Chris Rock), recited Obama’s declining poll numbers, stating that the President’s overall job approval rating had slipped by 5% to 41%.

Additionally, Thompson’s character revealed that Obama’s job approval rating amongst African-American voters in particular had also slipped, by a larger margin of 7%, to a whopping 92%.

Considering these numbers, is it any wonder how the panel answered the question “How’s He Doing?”

Check it out for yourself. Here’s the humorous SNL sketch “How’s He Doing?” featuring Chris Rock and Kenan Thompson:


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