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All of Jonathan Gruber’s Controversial Comments in a single two minute video #GruberGate American Commitment Obamacare architect stupidity of the American voter a lack of transparency is a huge political advantage President Obama denial deception lying lies lied Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid Democrats scandal

All of Jonathan Gruber’s Controversial Comments in Two Minutes

I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble keeping up with all of the Jonathan Gruber videos that are coming out. I mean, clips of this dude are popping up like Whac-A-Mole, and the Obama administration can’t strike them quickly enough.

So, Obama and team are gonna do what they always do: deny everything. Deny that Gruber ever met with Obama, deny that Gruber helped him write Obamacare, deny that Gruber was even born. Except that this is VIDEO, folks. We can see them lying, and now they’re lying about lying.

All one has to do is play clips of President Obama and his lackeys denying their affiliation with Gruber, and contrast that with clips from the past showing these same people singing Gruber’s praises.

Fortunately, someone has done just that. Below is a montage put together by American Commitment, the group who discovered the original Jonathan Gruber clip, that beautifully encapsulates the entire #GruberGate scandal in a single two-minute video.

Check out the awesome compilation “All of #GruberGate in Two Minutes” here:

(H/T: The Daily Signal)

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