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Best of Joe Biden Getting Handsy With Every Female He Encounters

What do you want out of a Vice President? Do you want someone who is great at handling people? Do you want someone who focuses on women’s issues? Do you want someone who’s not afraid to get in close and deal with matters personally?

Well, with “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden in office, you get all three. And not in a good way.

For reasons that defy explanation, Biden has developed a reputation as someone who engages in extremely bizarre behavior around women and young girls. Whether it’s during a White House photo op or at the swearing-in ceremony for the new Secretary of Defense, Joe Biden has been photographed groping, kissing, and generally man-handling various females around him, regardless of their age.

To properly document this strange phenomenon, the Washington Free Beacon has put together a video compilation which paints an intimate portrait of our beloved Vice President, showcasing his most cringe-worthy “hands-on” encounters with the fairer sex. The video is called “Joe Biden: Our Touchy-Feely Vice President,” and it does not disappoint.

Check out it here:


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