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Campaign Tails: RNC Video Shows Triumph of Giant Orange Squirrel

You may recall that a giant, orange squirrel was following Hillary Clinton’s book tour last month, stopping at all of her stops and handing out anti-Hillary leaflets. Truthfully, it was a man in a fuzzy squirrel suit, and the person inside was an RNC intern, part of a grand publicity stunt put on by the GOP (a vast rightwing conspiracy, if you will).

Now that Hillary’s book tour has wound down, we haven’t heard much from the bushy-tailed provocateur. However, as of today, he is back on the radar.

The RNC has just released a video called “Campaign Tails” which fleshes out the past of the feisty Republican spokessquirrel, focusing on a key pivot-point in his life, the 2008 Presidential election, and how it changed him.

Now, you may not be aware that our furry little friend even has a past (or, you might not care), but it is worth checking out.

Warning: don’t go expecting a sordid backstory full of scandal, intrigue, and murder. This isn’t Hillary Clinton’s backstory.

Here is the RNC video called “Campaign Tails”:

(H/T: IJReview)

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