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Michelle Obama confuses Bruce Braley With ‘Bruce Bailey’ Iowa campaign campaigning Democrat Democratic candidate Senator Senate race Iowa Votes Rally Friday, October 10, 2014 Drake Fieldhouse Des Moines, IA retiring Tom Harkin
AP Photo/The Des Moines Register, Kelsey Kremer

Michelle Obama Confuses Bruce Braley With ‘Bruce Bailey’

On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a stump speech at a campaign rally in Des Moines for Bruce Braley, the Democratic candidate in the Iowa Senate race.

At one point in her speech, Mrs. Obama flubbed the name of her party’s candidate, calling him “Bruce Bailey” multiple times instead of Bruce Braley before the audience corrected her.

“I’m losing it,” she explained. “I’ve been traveling too much.”

Hey, she’s tired. After all, destroying a nation is hard work.

Here’s the video:

(H/T: The Weekly Standard)


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