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Republicans Take the Senate: 50 Best Tweets from Election Night 2014

What an amazing ride Election Night 2014 was. Watching the Republicans take the majority in the Senate race by race proved to be an thrilling experience. And seeing the results of the Governors’ races pour in bit by bit was equally exhilarating.

Joni Ernst Victory Speech Senate race Senator Iowa midterm election 2014In the Senate, there were some pretty stunning upsets: Tom Cotton beat Mark Pryor in Arkansas, Cory Gardner bested Mark “Uterus” Udall in Colorado, Dan Sullivan ousted Mark Begich in Alaska, Joni Ernst defeated Bruce “Bailey” Braley in Iowa, Mitch McConnell demolished Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, and Thom Tillis toppled Kay Hagan in North Carolina.

Some of the gubernatorial wins for the GOP were remarkable as well: Greg Abbott trounced Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis in Texas, Rick Scott defended against Charlie Crist in Florida, Scott Walker quashed Mary Burke in Wisconsin, Bruce Rauner booted Pat Quinn in Illinois, Larry Hogan conquered Anthony Brown in Maryland, and Charlie Baker overcame Martha Coakley in Massachusetts.

Mia Love Victory Speech midterm elections 2014 election night campaign Utah won House of Representatives Congress first black GOP member electedIn the House of Representatives, the results for Republicans were no less amazing: the GOP managed to further extend their majority in the House by a net gain of 12 seats, with notable wins by Mia Love over Doug Owens in Utah, Will Hurd over Pete Gallego in Texas, Rod Blum over Pat Murphy in Iowa, and Elise Stefanik over Aaron Woolf in New York.

At the state level, the story is even more incredible, with the Republicans completely sweeping the state legislatures and now controlling a two-thirds majority of state houses and state assemblies across the nation.

Sadly, this red wave rolling in on Election Night proved to be too much to bear for liberals, especially for those in the mainstream media. The good news, of course, was that the butthurt on the left ended up being a tremendous source of humor and inspiration for those on the right.

Below are the top 50 tweets from Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and patriots alike who took to Twitter to express their sheer joy at the GOP landslide victory on Tuesday night, and who had a little fun at the expense of those on the left:


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