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David Sirota Douchebag Punch

David Sirota’s Twitter Pic Spawns Humorous #Siroting Meme

You can say many things about Salon’s David Sirota: he can get worked up during a debate, he has a problem with white people, and he seems to write about douchebaggery from a position of authority. But one thing that you cannot say about David Sirota is that he knows how to convincingly throw a punch.

The day after the Boston Marathon bombing, Mr. Sirota penned an obnoxious article entitled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.” Today, he doubled down on that sentiment and scribed a follow-up piece (emphasis on piece) called “I still hope the bomber is a white American.” With all that pent-up white guilt, one wonders how he gets out of his Crate & Barrel canopy bed each morning.

When Mr. Sirota tweeted out a link to one of his articles yesterday, conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch noticed something about his Twitter avatar: that it is the douchiest thing ever:

David Sirota Douche Avatar

She then tweeted out the following:

Dana Loesch Tweet

Then came another comment from Mrs. Loesch:

Dana Loesch Tweet

And with that, the phenomenon of #Siroting was born.

Once the concept was out there, people started submitting pictures of themselves #Siroting in droves (starting with Dana’s husband, Chris). A few pics are below. The rest can be found on Twitchy, who covered the #Siroting meme well today:

Chris Loesch #Siroting

Dana Loesch #Siroting

Nick Searcy #Siroting

Kurt Schlichter #Siroting

Gary Eaton #Siroting

Check out the rest here.

And check out Twitchy’s subsequent article showing how David Sirota had to change his avatar to something less douchey after getting trolled on Twitter all day.

Oh, Internet. We’re going to miss you when you’re gone.

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