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#NewObamaTVShows Photo Uploaded to Twitter Game of Drones

#NewObamaTVShows Pitched Via Twitter

Twitter was alive tonight with fresh ideas for #NewObamaTVShows. There were many good, and potentially viable, television show ideas pitched via tweet over the course of the evening, as covered here. However, the real gems were found in the “Top Photos” section of the site. Some of the pics were classic.

The following are our favorite concepts for #NewObamaTVShows:

Sunday Night Softball

#NewObamaTVShows Sunday Night Softball

The Tax of Life

#NewObamaTVShows The Tax of Life

Unwise Guys

#NewObamaTVShows Unwise Guys

Gay’s Anatomy

#NewObamaTVShows Gay's Anatomy

Who’s the Union Boss?

#NewObamaTVShows Who's the Union Boss

Anti-American Idol

#NewObamaTVShows Anti-American Idol

House of Commies

#NewObamaTVShows House of Commies

Deadliest Snatch

#NewObamaTVShows Deadliest Snatch

60 Minutes (’til Impeachment)

#NewObamaTVShows 60 Minutes 'Til Impeachment

The Odd Couple

#NewObamaTVShows The Odd Couple

Game of Drones

#NewObamaTVShows Game of Drones

My Two Duds

#NewObamaTVShows My Two Duds President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at a basketball game

Extreme Takeover: America Edition

#NewObamaTVShows Extreme Takeover America Edition

My Favorite Marxist

#NewObamaTVShows My Favorite Marxist

The Shady Bunch

#NewObamaTVShows The Shady Bunch

The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers

#NewObamaTVShows The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers


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