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Jeffy Jeff Fisher with TheBlaze TV Radio Network Has Hot Mic in Bathroom Tinkles Live on Air public urinates urination pee-pee tee-tee number one pees piss pisses flush flushes toilet restroom microphone audio embarrassing embarrass embarrassment Pat & Stu Show Glenn Beck Stu Burguiere Pat Gray Andrew Wilcow November 26, 2013
Photo: TheBlaze TV

Jeffy with TheBlaze Has Hot Mic in Bathroom, Tinkles Live on Air

This brings new meaning to the term “streaming audio.”

Apparently, TheBlaze TV’s perennial whipping boy, Jeff Fisher, affectionately known as Jeffy, left his wireless microphone on while relieving himself in the bathroom during a live taping of the Pat & Stu show, which airs right after the Glenn Beck Radio Program on TheBlaze TV.

Unfortunately for Jeffy, the audio engineer left Jeffy’s audio potted up in the mix (pottied up?), letting the audience listen to Jeff Fisher tinkle live on national television.

Co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere had a field day with the incident:


The following day on the Glenn Beck Radio Program, Glenn tortured Jeffy further while Pat and Stu recounted the embarrassing incident in excruciating detail:

That’s okay, Jeffy deserves it. He’s a horrible human being. ;)


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