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SNL Sketch Parodies Al Sharpton’s MSNBC Show ‘Politics Nation’

Last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” included a parody of MSNBC’s talk show “Politics Nation,” hosted by Al Sharpton.

On the SNL spoof, Sharpton, played by longtime cast member Kenan Thompson, interviewed Peter Douchet (pronounced douché), an “unpaid contributor to the Huffington Post” played by SNL’s guest host for the week Paul Rudd.

The two discussed the slightly improved, but still suffering, Obamacare website Healthcare.gov. Douchet attempted to discuss the details of the healthcare program’s recent successes, but Sharpton just got lost in the whole conversation and rambled on incoherently and flubbed teleprompter lines. It’s an extremely accurate portrayal of the real “Politics Nation.”

Watch the sketch here:



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