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SNL Saturday Night Live "Undercover Sharpton" sketch skit mocks parodies makes fun of Reverend Al Sharpton FBI informant rat snitch mob mafia boss henchman past 1980's wearing a wire drug bust drugs cocaine briefcase minister fat leather coat duster long hair straight hair relaxer moustache April 12, 2014

SNL ‘Undercover Sharpton’ Skit Mocks Reverend Al’s FBI Rat Past

Last week, The Smoking Gun broke the story that Al Sharpton served as an FBI informant in the 80’s and helped bring down several key mafia figures. Although that rumor had been swirling for years, actually picturing a fat Al Sharpton from the 80’s doing law enforcement work is not easy to do.

For example, imagining the reverend going undercover, wearing a wire, using a codename, and busting mob bosses sounds a little ridiculous. Thankfully, the people at Saturday Night Live think so as well.

On last night’s episode of SNL, Kenan Thompson starred in a sketch called “Undercover Sharpton,” which depicted the minister in his days as an FBI rat, 30 years younger and a hundred pounds fatter.

In the sketch, “Undercover Sharpton” is part of a sting operation set-up to take down two mob guys (one played by SNL host Seth Rogen) during a staged drug deal.

As it might have really happened, Reverend Al bumbles and fumbles his way through the operation, and ends up stealing a plate of ribs from the mobsters after the bust.

Check out the SNL sketch “Undercover Sharpton” here:


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