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Black Friday 1983 vs. NOW – People vs. Animals

Black Friday is a special day of the year. It’s a time when people have houses crammed full of visiting relatives and will do anything to escape them. Even it means braving massive crowds of rabid holiday shoppers who will fight to the death over a pair of cheap panties.

But has Black Friday always been a such shameful display of consumerism gone bad? Have people always been willing to take a taser to the chest to find that perfect gift? As the video below embarrassingly shows, no, they have not.

A group called On Point Preparedness has put together a montage showing Black Friday shoppers from 1983 compared to Black Friday shoppers today. As you will see in the video, the difference is quite stark.

Check out the compilation “Black Friday 1983 vs. NOW – “People” vs. Animals,” and you’ll likely stick to Cyber Monday from now on:


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