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CNN Hacked – A Look at the 20 Funniest Twitter and Facebook Hacks Ever

Oops. It looks like CNN’s Twitter account was hacked today:

CNN Hack Hacked Twitter Account Profile Tweet Tweets hax0r hax0red pwned Anonymous electronic data access password security breach insecure

Don’t worry, they feel really bad about it. And they’re sure it’ll never happen again. After all, Twitter and Facebook accounts are almost never hacked.

Except that they are all the time. Just ask the celebrities and prominent organizations below, who had their Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked in hilarious fashion:


Axl Rose:

Axl Rose Guns N' Roses Twitter Hack Tour Dates Cancelled

Fox News:

Fox News Twitter Hack Bill O'Reilly Gay

Fox News Politics Twitter Hack President Obama Dead


Skype Twitter Hack Don't Use Microsoft

Rick Sanchez (former CNN host):

Rick Sanchez Twitter Hack High on Crack Might Not be coming into Work Today


Burger King McDonald's Twitter Hack Sold Hood

Burger King Twitter Hack Sold to McDonald's Whopper Flopped

Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber Twitter Hack 19 Million My Ass #BieberMyBalls Bieber My Balls

The Game:

The Game Twitter Hack Gay as Hell


PayPal UK Twitter Hack PayPal Sucks Accounts Closed


Jeep Twitter Hack Just Empty Every Pocket Sold to Cadillac

Carmelo Anthony:

Carmelo Anthony Twitter Hack Pigeon Face Ass

New York Yankees:

New York Yankees Facebook Hack Derek Jeter Sexual Reassignment Minnie Mantlez

Chicago Cubs:

Chicago Cubs Facebook Hack Fuck Bill Murray

Chicago White Sox:

Chicago White Sox Facebook Hack Obama Voting for Romney Muslim President #MuslimPresident

Washington Nationals:

Washington Nationals Facebook Hack Going Back to Montreal See Ya Suckers You Nats

San Diego Padres:

San Diego Padres Facebook Hack Handicapped Attendance Strongly Discouraged

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Facebook Hack Check out the Sweet Bazongas on the Blond in section 27 row 3

Britney Spears:

Britney Spears Twitter Hack Lucifer Glory to Satan

Britney Spears Twitter Hack Vagina 4 Feet Wide Razor Sharp Teeth


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